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If you are here, you already have an existing business. That is awesome! Odor removal can be a great additional service. No matter what service business you may have odor removal can be a very lucrative leg of your business.


You can use CLO2 to speed up the content cleanup. We have laundry products, as well as vapor, to get rid of smoke odor for all types of household items. You can use the vapor to get rid of smoke odor after char removal. There are mold products available from our sister company, PreVasive that reduce your liability and increase your customer satisfaction since they are botanically based and safer to use, yet are still amazingly effective. You can use PreVasive or CLO2 for mildew/musty smell after water damage.  In addition to awesome products, our marketing program is excellent as well. My google ad specialist has over 27 years in the restoration industry so he knows what works, so you are not spending money on ineffective ads.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaners are amazed by how great the products are.  I know a few carpet cleaners that only carry our line of products.  No longer will you have to carry multiple spotters and deodorizers. This means less inventory to keep track of, less waste and more importantly, because the products work more effectively, with less time and product usage, you save money.  If you clean carpet, you have a need for these products.  It is impossible to clean carpets without running into pet odors. So you already have a built in market, but now you can also do the really extreme jobs as well.  In addition you can go after general odors too.


If you own a janitorial company, there are many ways that you can build on your current business.  .  People hate bleach, but want the bacteria killing properties of bleach, and now  you will finally have a product that will deliver both qualities!  Customers will love their green aspect and you will love how they clean. The products from our sister company, PreVasive are amazing! They are botanically based cleaners that deliver a high antimicrobial cleaning without the use of bleach or caustic products. In addition, you can also sell them odor eliminating products for their home as well.  We have products that handle the minor problems like trash, diaper pail, teenage boy smell,cat box etc.  These products provide an ongoing trickle of income as people love them.  Almost every account will have a need for one or more of the products.   If you are looking to add a leg to your business, odor removal is huge! You can go after the bigger jobs like cigarette smoke removal and pet odor removal.  There is a huge market for this and what is currently out there is ineffectual.  


I know several people who started out with odor removal as an add on service and have since quit their old businesses of janitorial and carpet cleaning because the odor removal business was so much more profitable.

"If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary" - Jim Rohn

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My introduction to Clo2 over 3-years ago has proved beneficial in multiple aspects to my business. As a owner, operator carpet cleaning business for over 25 years, it has been my experience that Clo2 is the most cost effective tool available for pet odors and it totally eradicates urine odors. I no longer have a need for the overpriced, ineffective chemicals that left my customers with a incomplete job, smelling like pet urine and deodorizer. Clo2 is a broad spectrum tool which has diversified my income by allowing me to attack everything from whole house skunk odor to smoke odors, musty basement odors and even mystery odors. As a one man operator, the correct tool for the job is everything. Clo2 is that tool, increasing my income by over 35% the first year. Mark D.Hayes

I was introduced to ClO2 early 2018, and since then have had great results in utilizing it in various ways in my cleaning business.  From being able to get rid of a variety of different cleaning products, to opening the doors to new services that I could not or would not have ever got into previously.  It's also opened the doors to many new customers/clients.  It's great knowing that I'm not exposing myself or customers to dangerous chemicals as well.  Being able to do a job better, quicker and safer is a no brainer.  And the support team is amazing to help through different situations that I may not have had experience with in the past.  - Brent Rolston, Owner BNR Cleaning Services 

Wendy is a life saver! Our house was on the market with lots of showings. However, many commented about a smoke odor in the house. When we had large family get togethers we set up tables & chairs in the garage, complete with ashtrays for all the smokers. I found Wendy on the internet and the rest is history! She took care of all the smoke smell as well as freshened the basement. Thank you so much Wendy for an awesome job. House is clean and sanitized…. YES!… Oh, that’s not all either. Wendy has a line of products for purifying the air that we and our family are also enjoying. Everyone should know about All Odors Gone, Longmont. – Joyce N

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