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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Besides mosquitoes what other pests will Mean Green control?

A. Ticks, fleas, gnats and flies. In addition, Mean Green will also control:
Black-headed caterpillars, Moths and moth larvae, Colorado potato beetles, Various boring insects, Mexican bean beetles, Fruit sucking moths, Root weevil adults, Red palm weevil, Corn earworms, Eriophyid mites, Cabbage worms, Mushroom flies, Japanese beetles, Spotted beetles, Blister beetles, Cotton stainers, Spindle bugs , Tomato hornworm, Squash bugs, Gypsy moths, Spider mites, Fungus gnats, Tea mosquito, Leaf webbers, Pulse beetle, Semi loopers, Leafhoppers, Cankerworms, Leaf miners, Flea, beetles, Mealybugs, White grubs, Bollworms, Armyworms, Mosquitoes, Whiteflies, Sandflies, Houseflies, Caterpillar worms (more on leaf-eating worms), Bagworms, Cutworms, Lawn and root grubs, Lace bugs, Fruit flies, Bed bugs, Pod bug, Billbugs, Sawflies, Termites, Locusts, Midges, Aphids – Root Aphid, Hibiscus aphids, and Rose aphids, Beetles, Ants, Gall,
Scale insects and Thrips.

Q. What makes Mean Green Mosquito Control so much safer for my family?

A. All of the ingredients are GRAS- (Generally Recognized as Safe) from organic ingredients. All of the ingredients can be found in very expensive skin treatment creams and lotions. Additionally all of the ingredients are found in many foods and especially green vegetables.

Q. Is Mean Green Mosquito Control safe for kids, pets, fishponds, and birds?
A. Absolute yes!
Q. How long after spraying Mean Green Mosquito Control can pets or kids play in the yard?
A. No restriction as soon as it is sprayed.
Q. Is Mean Green Mosquito Control safe around my garden and flowers?
A. Mean Green is great for garden and vegetable pest, and fungas control.
Q. Why is Mean Green Mosquito Control so friendly to pollinators like bees and butterflies when it's so harmful to other insects or pests?
A. Mean Green ingredients are from plants. Plants love pollinators, plain and simple!

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