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Pest Control

Pesticides are widely used in agricultural and mosquito control to prevent or control pests in an effort to reduce or eliminate yield losses and controling mosquitos and mosquito larvae. Although pesticides are developed through very strict regulation processes to function with reasonable certainty and minimal impact on human health and the environment, serious concerns have been raised about health risks resulting from occupational exposure and from residues in food and drinking water. 

Occupational exposure to pesticides often occurs in the case of agricultural workers in open fields and greenhouses, and workers in the mosquito control industry.

Regarding the adverse effects on the environment (water, soil and air contamination from leaching, runoff, and spray drift, as well as the detrimental effects on wildlife, fish, plants, and other non-target organisms), many of these effects depend on the toxicity of the pesticide, the measures taken during its application, the dosage applied, the absorption on soil colloids, the weather conditions prevailing after application, and how long the pesticide persists in the environment.

More Issues and Challenges! 

  • Chemicals used not only kill the mosquitoes and pests, but beneficial pollinators like bees & butterflies
  • Chemicals used can be toxic to aquatic life requiring drift concerns
  • There’s typically a waiting period after application before it’s safe for kids and pets to go outside
  • Warning signage needed to limit health concerns and liability
  • Unpleasant residual chemical odors
  • Multiple chemicals are used for larvacide, pupacide, and adulticide control
  • Most chemicals have limited residual impact, requiring more frequent applications

It is now possible to eliminate these problems and begin reversing the damage to our health & environment with Mean Green Mosquito & Agricultural Pest Control!

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Mean Green Benefits

✓ Organic and All-Natural

Our botanical all-natural, organic spray is safe to animals, fish, humans and plants.

✓ Long Lasting Residual

Long lasting residual to fight against mosquito larvae, pupa, and adult mosquitoes. Provides 21-30 day protection.

✓ Bee and Butterfly Friendly

Our botanical organic spray is completely bee and butterfly friendly – not to mention safe around gardens, pets and kids.

✓ Made in USA

Registered in the U.S. states as an organically grown mosquito and pest control fungicide, insecticide and pesticide. FIFRA 25(b) generally recognized as safe.

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Rather than using dangerous chemical insecticides like pyrethrum, we use all organic ingredients with natural insect-repelling properties.

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Laboratory tested and field validated in hundreds of residential locations with venues nationally and internationally throughout 2019. Demand Mean Green for natural safe Mosquito and tick control.

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